Freemans Biggest Challenges

American skier, Kris Freeman (33), was in 2001 diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. He’s doctor told him that competing at an olympic level in an endurance event couldn’t be done. But Kris didn’t give up. He researched everything he could about the disease, and have been able to balance diabetes care with world class performance in races. Now he is preparing for his fourth Olympics.

Today, in a interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kris tells what he is focused on leading up to the Olympics, and what his biggest challenges are.

- With 4 months left before the Olympics, right now I’m switching to a intensity focus. I have been training really hard with a lot of volume up until now and now I’m looking more to start fine tuning the body in preparation to the Olympics and keep the best control of the glucose as I possibly can.

- My biggest challenges before a race is staying calm enough that the insulin dose that I know I need to be on for that race remains the right dose. Stress can greatly effect the way my body utilizes insulin and sugar. So I really need to be able to stay relaxed before a race, he tells to The Wall Street Journal.

Freeman openly shares his bittersweet story at diabetes camps across America to help inspire children and their families living with the disease.




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Gospel of Skiing

Baked Goods

Over the hills and into the woods,
a skier is carrying baked goods.
He find a quiet place to sit,
just have to enjoy a little bit.
The sky is blue with a shining sun.
the skier smile and eat a bun.

He feel so good he feel so free.
No doubt, a skier is the best to be.

Martin Hammer 31.10.2013